Want to live in a place like nowhere else? Tucson is one of the US’ fastest-growing cities, welcoming transplants from both coasts. Read on to discover the top three reasons to love living in Tucson, AZ.

1. Affordable Amazing Views

You don’t need to shell out over a million dollars to live in a place with amazing views. In Tucson, just look up in any direction and marvel at the picturesque mountain view. In less than 30 minutes from any part of Tucson, you can jump on Catalina Highway and take a no-fee drive up to Mt. Lemmon, getting up close to all of the beauty Tucson’s mountain ranges have to offer!

2. Rain Delays Are Rare

Living in southern Arizona can often be sweltering, but you can count on rarely having to reschedule your outdoor plans due to rain. Tucson promises at least 286 days of sunshine, with bright blue skies, and few clouds. Make it a point to pause at one of many official and unofficial pull outs around Tucson, to take in the astonishingly beautiful sunsets!

3. Explore a Trail

Love hiking but hate to drive two hours from your home just to find a secluded trail? In Tucson, you are surrounded by one-of-a-kind hiking trails from arid deserts to lush mountain forests! Check out Saguaro National Park to hike amongst the towering saguaro cacti, a Sonoran Desert exclusive!

Why live in a place you can find anywhere else? Choose Tucson and discover a new kind of living! Visit Jim Click Hyundai Auto Mall to put a new Hyundai in your Tucson driveway!

Original product for Jim Click Hyundai Auto Mall, November 2020

Featured Photo by Frankie Lopez on Unsplash

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