Social distancing keeping you and your dog indoors? Looking for ways to keep both of you actively engaged? Read on to discover four indoor activities to keep you and your dog active during a quarantine.

1. Hide the Treat

Dogs are naturally curious about their environment and have an amazing sense of smell. Take advantage of these instincts and turn it into a game.

Grab your pup’s favorite treat; treat biscuits work great. Let them smell the treats in your hand, as you walk around the room or rooms where you plan to hide their reward. Once they have the scent, place your eager puppy in another location, while quickly hiding the treats around the aforementioned rooms. Don’t be afraid to make a couple of the hiding spots challenging.

Then release your pooch and slowly walk the room with the hidden treats, encouraging them to “search” or “find.” When they discover a treat, show plenty of excitement and praise. After a couple of rounds, they’ll be searching the room with little coaxing.

2. Hide and Seek

Kids love playing hide and seek; so do our furry companions. This game works best if your pup knows a couple of basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” 

Lead your pup to a separate room and issue the “sit” and “stay” command. Then move to your best hiding spot in another part of your home. Once you’re set, yell “come,” and wait for your pup to come find you; don’t be afraid to give them a couple of verbal hints and encouragement to keep them headed in the right direction. When they discover you, make sure to show plenty of excitement, give lots of praise, and you can even reward your doggy with a little treat!

beige and white short-coated dog sitting on couch, near window in living room
Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

3. Tug of War

Want a game to get both of your heart rates up? Try a classic game of Tug of War.

This can be played with any of your pup’s favorite toys, as long as it can withstand a little abuse; rope toys work best. Let your dog grab one end of the toy and you hold onto the other end, give a little tug, and a little shake! Remember for safety reasons and to discourage poor manners, the game ends when teeth touch skin; your puppy will quickly understand that fun stops when they mouth you.

4. Obedience Training

When you’re stuck in the house, use the time to improve your hound’s ability to understand critical basic commands.

Whether your pup is learning for the first time or reviewing commands they previously mastered, this activity is sure to keep both of your minds stimulated. A couple of good commands to focus on are “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” For a simple “how-to” on training these commands, visit Cesar’s Way.

As we all continue to deal with the temporary realities of COVID-19, don’t let your best friend take a back seat. Try these four indoor activities and strengthen your bond with your furry best friend! Visit for additional content on pet care, pet merchandise, and pet lifestyle topics.

What indoor activities do you enjoy playing with your pets?


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Featured Photo 141875556 © Przemyslaw

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