A passion for riding motorcycles is a passion for the open road. When chewing up hundreds, if not thousands of miles, you want easy access to the best comfort and amenities. Read on to discover four top features of the 2020 Road Glide.

1. All About the Ride!

The soul of a touring motorcycle is comfort, especially when racking up miles on long road trips. The Road Glide highlights Harley-Davidson’s heritage and expert knowledge of quality touring motorcycles.

The Road Glide is driven by the legendary Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, offering loads of power from a smooth-running engine, with confidence-inspiring throttle response, and a rumble that reminds you that there is no taming a wild animal! Combined with a high-performing front and rear suspension, easily adjustable rear shocks, and a frame-mounted shark-nose fairing, the Road Glide is armed and ready for your next road trip!

2. Speed Touring

Who says touring bikes are slow? With the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, riders don’t just keep up with the pack, they set the pace! Delivering 111 ft-lbs of torque to easily pull you off the line, you’ll forget that your Road Glide gets 45 mpg combined!

The Road Glide positions riders for maximum comfort, offering an upright seating position, and slightly forward foot controls. On the Road Glide, riders will experience smooth shifts clicking through the 6-speed gearbox, quickly reaching peak torque as you race onto the highway. Combined with a set of cavernous hard-shell saddlebags, your Road Glide will have you thundering down Route 66 in no time! 

Photo courtesy of Harley-Davidson Baltimore

3. Road Glide Is Your Co-Pilot

In 2020, riders expect their motorcycle to be so much more. The Road Glide brings to bear a full suite of rider-assist technology, assuring riders that, no matter if you’re the only one on the open road, you are never alone.

The Road Glide is armed with Reflex Defensive Rider Systems. Riders can take advantage of available advanced powertrain technology, including chassis control and electronic brake control, all designed to help you accelerate and brake on the straights, and in the turns. With all this technology, it has never been easier to ride a Road Glide!

4. Stay Entertained

Gone are the days when infotainment systems can only be had in a four-wheel vehicle. In the Road Glide, you can have all the comforts of a modern car, in a ride that makes a statement!The Road Glide offers the Boom! Box GTS, a cutting-edge infotainment system specifically engineered for a touring motorcycle. The Boom! Box GTS improves responsiveness and start-up time from the previous generation. Plus, the newly added back button on your right-hand controls and the simplification of the home screen makes navigating menus effortless!

Instead of taking that next crowded flight, see the countryside like our great pioneers of America. Choose a Road Glide and reconnect with your roots in modern style! Visit Jet City Harley-Davidson to take home your new Road Glide today!

Original blog product created for Jet City Harley-Davidson, October 2020

Featured photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

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