Café racers have evolved from a little-known niche into its own culture…just check Instagram! But who says a café racer has to be European? Read on to discover four reasons the 2020 Harley-Davidson Roadster is a must for true bikers!

1. Looking Cool is Half the Battle!

How many people say, “I love riding my bike, even though I can’t stand to look at it”? Loving the way our motorcycles look is a critical part of the ownership experience. If you love the café racer look, you are going to fall in love with the 2020 Roadster!

The Roadster offers lowered handlebars, placing the rider in an aggressive-like riding position, a blacked-out design that screams custom-built aggression, chopped fenders, and the Harley signature peanut-shaped fuel tank. Combined with a low-profile two-up seat and new tank graphics, the 2020 Roadster puts the competition on notice!

2. Any Place Worth Going Is Worth Going Fast!

Sitting in traffic because your bike wasn’t fast enough to get ahead of other commuters? Don’t settle for arriving on time. When you ride the 2020 Roadster, just twist the throttle and teleport past that traffic jam!

The Roadster delivers a winning formula in its V-Twin 1200 CC air-cooled Evolution Engine, bringing tradition into a modern racer. The Evolution Engine gives the Roadster massive low-end torque, with a snarl from the race-inspired exhaust! With the 2020 Roadster, let the classic Harley growl loose as you open it up in the tunnels!

Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

3. Agility With Your Speed

If you’re going to go fast, might as well have the performance to keep your two wheels on the ground. The 2020 Roadster comes standard with superior handling, reminding you that this motorcycle was purpose-built!

The 2020 Roadster boasts 43-mm front suspension with inverted forks, easily defeating rough terrain, providing you a comfortable ride. The Roadster integrates dual-disc front brakes, with floating rotors, harnessing blistering speed, and bringing you to a safe stop. Combined with off-set wheels and mid-foot controls, you can freely throw this steed into corners with confidence!

4. Tradition for the Future

Do you think that Harleys are analog bare-bones machines? Well just take a quick tour of the Harley-Davidson showroom floor and you will see that these motorcycles stuff premium technology into a high-quality package. The Roadster will make you a true believer in Harley-Davidson of the future!

The 2020 Roadster blends tradition with cutting-edge technology, setting Harley-Davidson apart from the competition. The Roadster utilizes electronic sequential port fuel injection, delivering practicality with 48 mpg for fuel economy. Optioned with available ABS and standard equipped digital speedometer, with an analog tachometer, you will know that this isn’t your grandfather’s motorcycle!

If you are about the café racer lifestyle, you know exactly the kind of motorcycle that speaks to you. Choose the 2020 Roadster and find your spirit animal in this two-wheeled beast! Visit Harley-Davidson of Tucson to bring home a 2020 Roadster today!

Featured Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

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