Need Content That Works for You?

Whether you are a small business or entrepreneur, content that clearly conveys your value to potential customers, is key! PACS’ tailored content will drastically boost your online visibility, grabbing potential clients’ interest.

Hire PACS, a family-owned consulting firm, for all of your digital marketing content, copywriting, and ghostwriting needs.

How PACS Can Help You?

1. Who We Are

The PACS team are experts in content writing and have written for major clients, including Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, Volkswagen, and Mazda Motor Corporation. Also, we are honored to be regular contributors to online publications, including The Startup and Medium.

2. What We Do

Blog Writing – Your posts not getting the response you hoped? Let PACS write blog posts that directly speak to your target audience, connecting potential clients to your brand and message.

Ghostwriting – Looking to build your brand? Let PACS ghostwrite to put your voice in front of potential clients.

Copywriting – Need help converting a copy for your website? PACS can write it for you. No matter if it’s a sales page, service page, about page, or shop page, PACS can transform your current copy into a persuasive, eye-catching copy that converts!

3. How We Do It

PACS works one-on-one with our clients, ensuring that we completely understand your needs, before putting our experience and expertise to work on your project. PACS prides itself on making sure our clients are happy with the final product, or its free!

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